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KuranganiHills, situated near Bodi in Theni District with a diverse flora and fauna, is a perfect place for Trekkers, Photographers, Birdwatchers and Wildlife Enthusiasts. The Trek offers an opportunity to explore nature and enjoy hiking. The trek trail of 12 Kms from Kurangani Village to Top Station thru Central Station takes you on a zigzag route through dense woods, plaingrasslands, Steepcliffs, waterfalls and Tea gardens. There are chances to spot a wide variety of chirping birds and animals like Langur, Tahr, Monkeys and Gaurs (Indian Bison). Elephant herds are a rarity, but you might get a chance to cross paths with one. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the views of Majestic Western Ghats from the Top Station and walking low hanging clouds with Strong winds, Changing weather and a Chilly Atmosphere.


Kolukkumalai is about 7,130 feet (2,170 m) above sea level and lies some 32 kilometres (20 mi) from Munnar. The hill top village is accessible only by jeep due to rugged and rain drenched roads covering up to 17 km. It is about a one and a half hour journey from Munnar town. The exact location of kolukkumalai is in Theni district (Tamil Nadu). The approach road is via Suryanelli near Munnar in Idukki district of Kerala.


The name Mathikettan derives from the Tamil word literally meaning 'mind confuser', as the local people say that one forgets the path once he enters into the park. It notified as a national park to protect the wildlife and rich biodiversity of the area. The Shola forest in the area is bestowed with unit with geological fauna and flora and geomorphological wealth. There is also a possibility that your sight might catch up the glimpses of some fauna like Bisons, Nilgiri Lemurs, flying squirrels and deers. People believe that this area spoil's a person’s memory and sense of absent mind leading to wrong route, as this hill trees are very tall and fully covered with no sunlight reaching the ground. It is believed that the Sithars (ancient medicine men) lived, researched and meditated here in the caves inside the sacred groves.


Thekkady is located about 257 km (160 mi) from Trivandrum, 141 km from Madurai City and Madurai Airport, 145 km from Cochin International Airport and 114 km from Kottayam railway station. Thekkady is located near to Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. The sanctuary is famous for its dense evergreen, semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savanna grass lands. It is home to herds of elephants, sambar, tigers, gaur, lion-tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across 777 km2 (300 sq mi), of which 360 km2 (140 sq mi) is thick evergreen forest. The wildlife sanctuary was declared a tiger reserve in 1978. The splendid artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River adds to the charm of the park. The greatest attractions of Periyar are the herds of wild elephants, deer and bison that come down to drink in the lake. The sanctuary can
be accessed by trekking, boating or jeep safari. Thekkady is considered a haven
for natural spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, nutmace,
ginger, and clove.

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