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Suruli Falls which is 30 km from Theni and 10 km from Cumbum. Journey to this falls make you feel awesome, you can find beauty of nature. Grape garden, beautiful greenery fields and Mullai Periyar River. Suruli falls popularly known as by locals as Divine water, as it came through the thick forest which is full of rare herbals which is good for health.


There is a temple known as kodilinga its located near suruli waterfall near cumbum at theni district. The main speciality of this temple is that it's located near western gates forest and it has so many shiva lingas and it looks so nice.


Ramakkalmedu is a hill station located about 25 Km from Surli Falls. The main tourism importance of this place is the presence of excellent wind from TamilNadu. Rolling green hills and the fresh mountain air make Ramakalmedu an enchanting retreat. The hills top also offers a panoramic view of picturesque villages of Bodi and Cumbum on the Eastern slop of the western ghats.


  • * Suruli Falls
  • * Kodilingam
  • * Grape Farm
  • * Village Virundhu at Coconut Farm
  • * Visit to Cumbum Valley Wine Yard
  • * Ramakalmeddu

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